Written by Mike Druttman
Fact checked by Nick Zelver
Updated Mar, 2024

Introduction: Uncovering Digital Trails with mSpy

Chasing my family’s digital habits made me come across on browsing history tracking capability of mSpy. A huge mix of useful and harmful information stands out in the worldwide web, so I am curious to know how this tool could shed some light on the digital routines of my beloved.


Browsers Tracked

In my exploration, an aspect I delved into was what browsers are tracked by mSpy. I discovered that this app can track different popular internet browsers such as:

  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge

This extensive cover ensured that I could observe various online activities regardless of the browser used on the targeted gadget.

mSpy browsing history tracking
mSpy browsing history tracking


Setting Up Browsing History Tracking

  • Choosing the Right Plan: My initial step was to choose a subscription for mSpy but luckily, all plans included tracking browsing history.
  • Installation and Setup: Installing mSpy is very easy. In case of Android, it required access to the device itself; while for iOS, iCloud login credentials were enough. The setup was guided and it was user-friendly.
  • Accessing Browsing Data: After installing, I logged into mSpy dashboard. This had an easy access browsing history facility that shows all websites visited on a target device.


Monitoring and Understanding Online Activities

  • Website Visits: There was an extensive list with timestamps of all sites visited available through mSpy. A feature like this opened my eyes wide by demonstrating how differently people utilize available content.
  • Frequency and Duration: It enabled me to see how many times each site was visited; besides, it helped me in understanding online engagement patterns.
  • Bookmark Tracking: Also tracked by mSpy are bookmarked web pages so that I can easily know what internet materials are saved for future use.


Tracking Browsing History in Incognito Mode

Another question that I wondered was, can mSpy track browsing history, even in incognito mode?

It also bypasses the nature of this mode which is designed to delete any recorded browsing activity. The app actually tracks standard browsing history as well as incognito and private browsing modes. This device can read all your web activities even if you were using your browser under a private or incognito mode, avoiding surveillance systems.


Personal Insights

I must say that the information provided by mSpy’s browsing history feature completely amazed me with its depth. It showed which sites my family members visited and how they interacted with the virtual world.

This information helped us kick start discussions on safe use of internet.

To Sum It Up

mSpy’s browsing history tracking options are windows into internet lives of users. My experience with these options was enlightening, giving me means to lead and safeguard my loved ones in this digital universe.

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