Written by Mike Druttman
Fact checked by Nick Zelver
Updated Mar, 2024

Getting Started

In my search for the best application that can monitor Telegram messages and activities, I have already tested a number of them with mSpy being among those that stand out.

This is an exclusive guide to give detailed information and insights on the efficiency of mSpy as a Telegram monitoring app to help you understand its capabilities and peculiarities from my personal experience.


mSpy's Telegram Monitoring Features

mSpy offers a complete package for Telegram monitoring which includes:

Detail Description
Access to Text Messages View both sent and received messages.
Timestamps Each message comes with precise timing details.
Shared Media Tracking Monitor photos and videos exchanged.
Contact Details Viewing See who the target user communicates with.
Group Chat Monitoring Gain insights into group conversations.


Compatibility and Installation

mSpy works well with Android and iOS devices, however with some differences as follows:

  • Android Devices: One must have a physical access to install it; it has wide range of monitoring features.
  • iOS Devices: There is jailbreak version which has full functions and non-jailbreak version that has limited features.
mSpy Telegram monitoring
mSpy Telegram monitoring


Getting Started with mSpy

You might find yourself asking now, how can I get started with using mSpy to monitor Telegram messages? Here are the quick steps:

  1. Select an mSpy Plan: Find the one that fits for you. All plans come with Telegram monitoring.
  2. mSpy Installation: See install guide either for Android or iOS.
  3. Setting up and Navigate: Configure your mSpy and start monitoring through the dashboard.


Monitoring Secret Chats

Can mSpy monitor Telegram secret chats? While this app can’t track Telegram’s secret chats directly because of encryption, it offers a workaround on its screen recording feature by capturing live screen activities including any secret chats accessed during the recording.


Cons of Using mSpy for Telegram

Wondering what are the drawbacks of using mSpy to monitor telegram messages? However, there are some weaknesses of this app:

  • Compatibility and Installation: Different installation requirements for Android and iOS platforms
  • Risk of Detection: May be observed by knowledgeable users
  • Connectivity Dependence: Monitoring requires stable internet access.
  • Limited Recovery of Deleted Messages: Can recover messages after installing mSpy only.
  • Learning Curve: It is difficult at first to navigate the mSpy dashboard.


Personal Insights and Conclusion

From my experience with the Telegram monitoring feature on mSpy, I found out that it was very useful in capturing real-time conversations as well as media. However, its installation process and platform-specific limitations must be taken into account.

Despite these limitations, however, when compared to a wide range of monitoring abilities, Mspy emerges as an effective tool for individuals who want detailed information regarding Telegram conversation.

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