Written by Mike Druttman
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Updated Mar, 2024

Getting Started

mSpy’s Website Blocker: Prepare yourself for an engrossing tour of the world of digital monitoring. This is not only a manual; it is more like an odyssey into the complex features and concealed options that come with this mighty tool. Expect to learn secrets and insightful discoveries that you will not find anywhere else!


Websites That Can Be Blocked

Wondering what websites can I block with mSpy website blocker? In my exploration, I learned that almost any website can be blocked by this program. The power it has is limitless, when a site is added into your block list, then the target device becomes restricted from visiting it.

Blocking all browsers with no loopholes for users to access its content.


Blocking Sites Even in Incognito Mode

But can I block websites in incognito mode on mSpy? Another key feature that stood out to me about this software tool was its ability to work in incognito or private browsing mode as well.

Incognito mode which is often seen as one of the easiest places to secretly surf the net does not protect you against mSpy. In fact, mSpy keeps track and also blocks sites even if a user selects such browsing modes that seem confidentially private.

mSpy website blocker
mSpy website blocker


Drawbacks and Workarounds

However, there are drawbacks in every system including mSpy. Here are some of these limitations and possible ways to work around them.

Sites on Specific Devices or Apps

When it comes to website blocking, mSpy doesn’t differentiate devices or applications. If you block a site, it will be blocked on all target device browsers and applications. This lack of specificity means that managing blocks on multiple devices requires separate installations of mSpy – something to consider if you oversee a range of devices.

No Scheduled Blocking

Can I block websites by time of day on mSpy? Interestingly enough, direct scheduled blocking of websites is not offered. However, an alternative solution could be manually toggling between different block lists or using the app’s scheduling feature to restrict browser access at certain times. Although this is a detour, yet can still work effectively albeit “a bit more hands-on”.

Block by Keyword

One thing I observed as lacking is its inability to block websites based on specific keywords. Since mSpy operates on exact URLs; therefore one must have the exact web address they want to block which limits its flexibility in certain situations.


Personal Insights

This has made me appreciate how robust Website Blocker by mSpy is but at the same time realize its weaknesses. It may be strong for anyone who needs thorough regulation of web accessibility but with a little bit of creativity and planning one can overcome its limitations.

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