Written by Mike Druttman
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Updated Mar, 2024


In this article, I will take a closer look at mSpy’s ability to track Viber messages. Here, I would be discussing how it is used, its features and the minimum requirements for installing it.

The unique challenge of monitoring Viber is because it has been famous as a safe messaging and calling platform. This is what makes my journey with this spy app exciting.


mSpy's Viber Tracking Capabilities

This program stands out in its capability to monitor Viber conversations with the following additionals:

Monitoring Conversations

It allows you to reach into the soul of any message sent through that app by displaying all viber texts on your screen. This feature helps understand content in viber interaction.

Timestamps Tracking

Every message on Viber comes with a timestamp which indicates whether it was sent or received. These timestamps are important in helping one understands the time frame and context behind each conversation thereby enhancing depth of monitoring.

mSpy Viber monitoring
mSpy Viber monitoring


Installation and Compatibility Requirements

There are several prerequisites to be fulfilled in order to effectively harness the Viber tracking feature of mSpy:

  • Installation on Target Device: To track Viber messages, install mSpy successfully on the target device. It is a straightforward installation process and ensures seamless monitoring.
  • Device Compatibility: Before starting the installation, it is important to ensure that the target device can run mSpy’s Viber tracking functionality. These checks must be done in order for the software to function as expected.


Personal Insights

Through my exploration of mSpy’s Viber message tracking feature, I found it to be quite efficient and dependable as a monitoring tool. Installation was user friendly with consistent capturing of Viber messages by software once configured. Message clarity and timestamp accuracy gave me a complete picture of all Viber communications on the monitored device.


In Summary

mSpy turns out to be an able and effective tool for tracking Viber messages; thus providing clear insights into conversations occurring within this app. Nonetheless, proper installation and compatibility checks have to be made in relation to its ability of watching over this messaging app’s communication channels.

In case you are interested in parental control or other forms of monitoring, this tracking feature comes in handy when revealing what happens during Viber chats.

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