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Updated Mar, 2024

Introduction: Venturing into the World of Digital Boundaries

The journey of trying out mSpy’s geofencing feature seemed like stepping into a different epoch of digital parenting. This got me curious since there was an increasing need for children to be safe in the real and virtual world, I wanted to see if mSpy’s geofence features could help give parents some peace of mind.


Geofencing can be highly advantageous in several locations especially for families’ safety or safeguarding valuable assets from being stolen. Examples are given below of typical areas where geofencing is advantageous:

Location Usefulness of mSpy's Geofencing
Home and School Monitors children's routine, ensuring safe arrival and departure from these locations.
Workplace Useful for tracking employee attendance and movement within work-related areas.
Elderly Care Locations Alerts caregivers if individuals with conditions like dementia wander off from safe zones.
Recreational Areas Helps parents stay informed about their children's whereabouts during playtime.
Restricted Areas Alerts when someone enters off-limits or unsafe areas like construction sites.
Business Assets Tracks vehicles, equipment, and other assets by setting geofences around storage areas and job sites.
Travel Routes Provides updates and ensures safety for individuals traveling frequently.
Shopping Centers/Malls Allows parents to monitor when teenagers visit these areas, ensuring they stay in safe locations.


Setting Up Geofencing in mSpy

Want to know how to set up geofencing on mSpy? Here's how I did it:

  1. Dashboard Access: My very first step, which proved helpful, was logging into the dashboard of mSpy. It is easy to navigate through due to its user-friendly interface.
  2. Geofence Creation: From the dashboard, I chose “Geofence” option for this process. A map-based virtual boundary defining process that was simple and accurate at the same time.
  3. Modification of Alerts: Among other things, I could customize alerts regarding my child’s movement across these predefined areas, which was facilitated by mspy. What really helped me was the possibility of setting notifications either through email or directly on a dashboard.
  4. Several Geofences: The information I came across revealed that there may be several geofences that can be created within one device; thus indicating places such as home, school or even a friend’s house.
mSpy geofencing
mSpy geofencing


Monitoring and Alerts: Staying Informed and Connected

While exploring mSpy's geofencing capabilities, a question comes into my mind:
"Can I get alerts with mSpy when the target phone enters or leaves a geofence?"

I learnt that this question needed an answer, so I found it essential for not only keeping me updated on my child’s real time movements but also enabling this to be done affirmatively. This feature gave me great peace of mind as I could track my child’s location changes smoothly.

  • Real-Time Updates: Once the geofences were set, I received real-time updates. This was very re-assuring especially when my child was travelling to and from school.
  • History Logs: mSpy also provided logs of all entries and exits from these geofenced areas. The reviews of these logs made me understand the lifestyle pattern of my child.


Personal Insights and Discoveries

mSpy had a good level of accuracy and reliability which impressed me every time I used its geofencing tool. Several geofences could be created in order to monitor different locations conveniently. On top of that, setting up as well as receiving alerts quickly meant that I can be aware without staring into the screen always.

mSpy's geofencing features are one such important tool for parents aiming at keeping their children safe in today’s digital era. By far, these features were amazing as they offered me with both assurance as well as clues into what goes through my son’s mind during his ordinary day experiences.

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