Written by Mike Druttman
Fact checked by Nick Zelver
Updated Mar, 2024

Capturing Moments in the Digital Age

For when I started my foray into mSpy for its photo monitoring capacity, I was mesmerized by the idea of going deeper into those visual narratives captured on a digital device. Inclusive digital surveillance required these insights.


Types of Photos Monitored

I wondered if this application can track images in the target phone or what types of photos can I monitor with mSpy.

It was amazing how this program was able to keep track of so many different types of photos that were stored on the targeted devices. Other supported formats are:

  • JPG
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • BMP
  • WEBP
  • HEIF

This wide-ranging support encompasses even transparent images and animated gifs as well as high efficiency formats used on newer smartphones. This knowledge came about in form of surprise since it meant that no matter what format a particular moment takes there is always a chance it will be unnoticed.

mSpy photos monitoring
mSpy photos monitoring


Importance of Timestamps

Does mSpy show photo timestamps? – This question was answered with “Yes”. The photo timestamps are contained in mSpy that tell when it was taken and upload timestamp that tells when it was uploaded to the servers of mSpy.

These timestamps could be found in detailed photo logs and individual photo views within the mSpy control panel, thus helping me to understand on the context and sequence of those captured moments.


Deleted Photos

One key question came up while I was testing the features of mSpy: Can mSpy retrieve deleted photos? According to my findings, you cannot directly retrieve deleted photos using mSpy.

However, its screen recorder option offered a possible way round. If this feature is activated soon after installation, it might record some activities done on the screen which shows deleted photos especially if they are accessed from ‘recently deleted’ folder or any other similar options on a device. It was an encouraging sign that there is still hope for salvaging lost visual memories.


Frequency of Photo Logs

So how often does mSpy update photo logs? The frequency of these updates varied according to my account settings on mSpy, the target device activity and its internet connectivity.

The updates could probably be as close as in a couple of minutes or it might be delayed for several hours. I figured out that it was best to see my mSpy account and look at the settings for more detailed information.


Personal Insights and Conclusions

My experience with mSpy’s photo monitoring was an eye opener. It let me know what type of pictures were taken and when they were taken. This feature is a great tool in terms of digital safety and supervision as it gives an insight into the visual part of computer usage.

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