Written by Nick Zelver
Fact checked by Mike Druttman
Updated Mar, 2024

First Glance

Think of having a magical lens through which you can have a glimpse into the digital lives of someone, specifically their Instagram activities. This is how I feel about mSpy – it’s like this powerful thing that opens up another world in digital monitoring.

I continued to explore this app and discovered its multi-dimensional feature of tracking Instagram activities, which were interesting as well as thought provoking.


Setting Up mSpy for Instagram Monitoring

Want to know how to set up and use mSpy to monitor Instagram text messages? The steps are fairly simple:

  1. Download & Installation: Get your desired mSpy package after which you should install it on the target device. This will allow mSpy to access data on instagram profiles.
  2. Accessing Dashboard: Log into your own mSpy dashboard and go straight to “Social Networks” tab. From there, choose instagram for monitoring.


Monitoring Features

  1. Private Messaging (PM): mSpy permits you to see Instagram PM logs which consist of timestamps and content of the conversation.
  2. Stories: It could take screenshots on stories, keep track on the number of people who have viewed, as well as log interaction such as thumb ups or comments.
  3. Group Chats: Unluckily, although it cannot track group chats directly, mSpy’s screen recorder can record them if they are displayed during recording.
  4. DM Images and Videos: Just like in case with group chat messages, mSpy does not directly access media files from DMs but this is possible with a screen recorder.
mSpy Instagram messages monitoring
mSpy Instagram messages monitoring


Limitations and Workarounds

However, despite the impressive functionality of mSpy in Instagram monitoring, there are some limits it faces. In this text we will examine these restrictions and think of alternative solutions for improving its efficiency.

  • Keeping Track of Followers: Thinking of how to track someone's Instagram followers on mSpy? Unfortunately, this instrument doesn’t permit to track followers on Instagram directly. Nevertheless, if at all the screen recorder is turned on during a recording process then it can capture the list.
  • Media in DMs: The encryption feature by Instagram prevents mSpy from accessing any media that may be shared through Direct Messages.
  • Deleted Messages and Hidden Stories: Can mSpy monitor Instagram stories? Though one drawback is that this tool cannot retrieve deleted messages or view stories that have been kept hidden from specific users.


Personal Insights and Observations

I was impressed by how user-friendly mSpy is and the level of monitoring it offers. The screen recorder, i noted, is a worthwhile tool for capturing live interactions.

The bottlom line?

mSpy gives an interesting insight into Instagram activity but not without its drawbacks. It is a powerful weapon to use to monitor digital exchanges though it demands being watchful so as to balance supervision with privacy.

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