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How Do I View WhatsApp Messages That Have Been Tracked by mSpy?

To view WhatsApp messages being tracked by mSpy, log in to the mSpy account, go to dashboard, click on 'Social Networks' under the categories section and then visit the WhatsApp page to see all tracke...

03/25/24 | By Mike Druttman

Can I Track WhatsApp Messages Using mSpy Without the Target Person Knowing?

Yes, you can track WhatsApp messages using mSpy without the target person knowing. mSpy is invisible to the owner of the device as it does not appear on app lists, which maintains a stealth presence....

03/25/24 | By Mike Druttman

What Features Does mSpy Offer for Tracking WhatsApp Messages?

mSpy as a Tracking Tool for WhatsApp Messages. Features of mSpy for tracking WhatsApp messages include access to all texts, media file tracking, date and time stamps, contact information, group chat m...

03/25/24 | By Mike Druttman

How mSpy's Browsing History Tracking Can Aid Parental Control?

Parental control using mSpy of browsing history is facilitated by enabling parents to filter and stop unsuitable content, knowing children’s online activities in detail and revealing their digital foo...

03/25/24 | By Mike Druttman

Can I Remotely Use mSpy to Track Browsing History?

Affirmatively, mSpy can be used remotely to track browsing history. After installation, it provides you with a comprehensive download of the surfing behavior including time stamps as well as the frequ...

03/25/24 | By Mike Druttman

Can mSpy Track Browsing History on iPhones?

Yes, mSpy can track browsing history on iPhones, albeit with a different approach from Android. It relies on syncing with the target device's iCloud backup which has to be enabled. After synchronizati...

03/25/24 | By Mike Druttman

How Does mSpy Track Browsing History on Android?

For Android devices, mSpy tracks browsing history directly and comprehensively thereby providing live updates. This way, it can be installed to access the internal storage of the device for logging br...

03/25/24 | By Mike Druttman

Can You Set mSpy to Track Specific Websites or Keywords?

Certainly, mSpy includes a "Keyword Alerts" feature allowing you to watch over the target device’s accessed websites or certain keywords. You can set up this feature on the mSpy control panel and type...

03/25/24 | By Mike Druttman

What Information Does mSpy Provide about Browsing History?

Browsing history that is in an extremely detailed manner and includes the URLs of visited websites, the times when such visits took place, and how frequent they were. Search queries can be captured on...

03/25/24 | By Mike Druttman

What Browsers Are Tracked by mSpy?

mSpy follows many different browsers on various operating systems. On Android, it can track Chrome, Firefox, Dolphin, Opera, UC Browser, Samsung Internet and almost any other famous browser apps. As f...

03/25/24 | By Mike Druttman