Written by Mike Druttman
Fact checked by Nick Zelver
Updated Mar, 2024

First, install the app to the device you want to monitor, and then activate the screen recording switch in the control panel. This application would take a screenshot of the active live stream on TikTok and forward it to your dashboard for viewing.



TikTok live streams have become a significant part of digital interaction. While TikTok deploys anti-recording measures for these live streams, there exists a potential workaround through mSpy’s screen recorder albeit with some limitations as well. Let us delve into how it works and what to expect:


Here's the deal:

Despite its anti-recording measures, mSpy’s screen recorder has potential of capturing TikTok live streams on Android. However, whether or not this will be successful depends on such factors as an android model used, a version of Tik Tok App installed and software version of mSpy.


How to Record TikTok Live Streams on Android with mSpy

Below is a step by step guide about how you can go about recording TikTok Live Stream using mSpy Screen Recorder on Android:

  1. Install mSpy on Target Device: To begin with, you should install an application called “mSpy”(Monitor Employees) onto your android phone or tablet. You must have full control over that personal gadget for installing it legally.
  2. Switch On Screen Recording: After the installation process has been successfully completed, get logged into your account at the official website at www.mspy.com and access Control Panel from there. It is just below which one needs to click so as to enable it. When enabled this will allow activation of screen recording feature in target device.
  3. Start Recording: Streaming Lives In Tik Toks: As long as it is activated, my spy screenshot begins taking pictures of everything that happens on the mobile phone’s monitor constantly. It records each activity they perform while watching their favourite lives in TikTok.
  4. View Recorded Screenshots: Go to mSpy Dashboard to Check the Pictures: As a result, the photos taken by this program during broadcasting Tik Tok Lives will be sent to your personal dashboard at myspy.com. To see these photographs, just log on to your account. Use any browser available on your computer for opening the secret portal.
  5. Review: The Screenshots of Live TikToks is Available with Your Account: By using this option in your dashboard, you can analyze those photos and identify what happened during live streaming of TikTok. They are a kind of photographic history that has been created by them from their screens while they were online.

Understanding the Potential Limitations

Inadequate Recordings Challenges: It is possible that TiKTok’s anti-recording systems may not permit watching some streams entirely. Users may experience problems such as blank screens and error messages or stuttering playback denoting resistance of the app towards recording.

Various Efficiency Levels: The effectiveness of mSpy for capturing TikTok live streams is highly varying. Indeed it is a matter of luck depending on an exact match between phone model and software version used.


Personal Insights

My exploration into this feature highlighted the ongoing tug-of-war between social media platforms’ protective measures and monitoring tools like mSpy. This is a dynamic battlefield where both sides perpetually change and transform themselves. Though mSpy provides one way out in terms of recording TikTok Live Streams , its practicality still depends on different success rates as well as incomplete captures.

The mSpy screen recorder enables you record live stream videos from Tiktok for Androids but its efficacy relies on various factors and may not be foolproof. Any users who want to try this option should understand that there are certain restrictions associated with it including ethics when recording such data.