Written by Mike Druttman
Fact checked by Nick Zelver
Updated Mar, 2024

First, before recording WhatsApp video calls on Android using the mSpy screen recorder, you must install it on the target device. This will enable you to see all activities conducted on the phone’s screen by just logging in to your mSpy account. It will also allow mSpy to capture images of the phone’s screen showing what is happening during a WhatsApp video call and forward these pictures directly to your dashboard.



Very recently, I wanted to explore how this feature works in different devices from that used. While tracking digital interactions which are quite common in apps like WhatsApp, I found this exercise very interesting.

Lost In The Whirlpool Of Instant Messaging And Social Media Interactions


Steps to Record WhatsApp Video Calls Using mSpy

Below are steps to help you record Whats App video calls using mSpy.

  1. Install mSpy on the Target Device. Start off by installing this software on the Android gadget that needs monitoring services. Make sure you have permission from whoever owns it about getting it monitored by mSyp.
  2. Activate Screen Recording in the mSpy Dashboard. First of all get it installed; then sign into your personal account where you will be directed to open up any web browser and look for their website as instructed form there login at https://my.mspy.com/login.html . As soon as you are logged in, go through its features and find “Screen Recording” and activate it that end.
  3. Capture WhatsApp Video Call Screenshots. Now that screen recording is enabled, this application will keep making screenshots of whatever appears on your mobile gadget’s screen including when using Whats App calling feature. All such screenshots will as usual be sent automatically straightly to one’s ‘mymspy’ account which can always be accessed at any other time via an online process.
  4. Review Recorded Screenshots in the Dashboard. You can view captured screenshots from within your MSPY dashboard. The screenshots are accessible from anywhere online and can be seen on screen during the call to visually capture What’s App Video Calls.


Potential Limitations

Of course there could be some limitations in using mSpy's screen recorder to capture Android WhatsApp video calls. They are:

  • Capture of Whole Screen Actions: It captures the display part of WhatsApp video calls.
  • Problems with App Compatibility: Sometimes, it may not be capable of capturing activities happening on the phone due to the security measures imposed by this app as a way of protecting users’ privacy which results into showing blank screens or incomplete videos.
  • Inconsistent Audio Recording: On different devices and WhatsApp versions, it may fail to record sound during video calls made through Whats App hence resulting into silent recordings.



In summary, my research on mSpy Screen Recorder proved that it is a feature-rich tool for monitoring Whatsapp video calls on Android. Combined with some other options like stealth mode and the ability to take screenshots, these have made this application very effective in monitoring all kinds of digital communications secretly but exhaustively.