Written by Nick Zelver
Fact checked by Mike Druttman
Updated Mar, 2024

To track someone's WhatsApp messages with mSpy, purchase a subscription, install the app on the target device, enable the settings for whatsapp monitoring , open the mSpy dashboard and visit  WhatsApp messages section.


A Personal Journey

As for me, when I thought about watching over my children’s WhatsApp texting by use of mSpy, my main desire was searching out a reliable and secret way to secure them while online. However, I found something more than just message tracking in form of tool.


The Simple and Quick Steps

Here is how you can track conversations on WhatsApp with mSpy:

  1. Purchase a Subscription: The first step involves picking an appropriate premium mSpy subscription plan. Different options will cater to varied monitoring needs as each plan features the WhatsApp tracking attribute.
  2. Install mSpy: You have to physically access the targeted device for installation. The company provides detailed instructions that make it easy for you.
  3. Set Up WhatsApp Monitoring: Activate this feature within the app settings after installing it. It then starts capturing what happens on the gadget including any text messaging done through WhatsApp.
  4. Access the Dashboard: Sign into your account for this software and go to its dashboard which acts as your control panel for all that is being traced.
  5. View WhatsApp Messages: Within the dashboard, go to the section dedicated to viewing messages being sent or received via Whats App where they appear with time stamps and other multimedia.

Key Takeaways and Insights

  • Discreet Monitoring: There is secrecy surrounding whatsapp converations under surveillance by mSpy.
  • Comprehensive Tracking: With all chats captured by MSpy, apart from texts there can be media files shared thus offering a more complete conversation picture.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The dashboard provided by MSpy is simple enough for anyone using it to locate and get into their Whatsapp data.
  • Peace of Mind: Being able to watch over whatsapp conversations gave me peace concerning my family’s online engagements.

Definitely, the mSpy WhatsApp tracking feature on  is quite powerful if one wants to efficiently monitor messages conveyed in whatsapp. From my experience with MSPY, it was a reassuring tool that also gave me invaluable insights into the online conversations of my loved ones. In terms of parental control and online safety, this spyware becomes the most complete and easy to use program in its category.